Easter 2017

7I2B38297I2B38347I2B38407I2B38487I2B38527I2B3859Reese’s Eggs are exponentially better than the originals…and dare I say even the Valentines and Christmas shapes, too? –> Pretty sure Dill had two and I had about nine.7I2B38617I2B38627I2B3864

After months of back and forth to Chicago, D and I decided to spend our first Easter together here in Wisconsin. We love our families to the ends of the earth and of course missed them, but it was nice to do our own thing this time around.  The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day of relaxing together. Pre-mass coffees off the capitol and that fresh spring air. (Really, I only remember a handful of Midwest Easters that weren’t winter-esque). The Easter bunny even came to our apartment before church 🙂

Saturday markets, brunch, natural dyed eggs (just boiled blueberries this year!), and late night thunderstorms. What a great little holiday weekend. I spent some time behind the camera, too!  I am determined to get it down.  Still have a long way to go, but I am pretty proud.

Happy Easter and happy spring!



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