Dream Chasing and Heart Moving

At one of the many happy hours we attended on our honeymoon, Dillon and I found ourselves talking big picture creative goals. Our chat over margaritas in Arizona was basically coming to the realization that what moves our hearts deserves our time and effort.  This phrase “heart moving” has become my mantra for 2017 in some ways.  I’ve realigned what that means for my faith, our marriage, and work.  But, we struggled to figure out what that looks like for our dreams and ideas.

Since we moved in together, Dillon and I have really fed off of each other’s creativity. We come up with endless ideas, but our biggies have yet to come to fruition.  I’m partially okay with that, but the other part of me is pretty impatient. (I’m the type of person that if I want to redecorate, I seem to think I need the pillows, curtains, bedspread, rugs, and new furniture all in one day…)

Creative hopes and dreams take time and planning, but they also take a major leap of faith. (Holla at this blog.  We had been secretly writing for a year before announcing it to our friends and family)  So here I am, committing to the time and planning part of our dreams, because I know the leap of faith part will be 10x harder.

Now, I know I’ve gone this long without much specificity- the language arts teacher in me is not impressed. But, soon enough! We’ve got some plans that are taking shape as we speak, but our main goal in the long run is to use our ideas to serve others-we are still defining what that will be.  For now, we are soaking in all the creative inspo we can!  Some favs: The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, good books, and collaborations.  I (Kell) have got some fun collaborations planned, but really itchin’ to make it a habit.

So, if I’m not completely shouting out into the void, give us a holler.  We’d love to collaborate and dream up something crazy.


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