LiveSideMedia FTW

I cannot, for a second, believe that these beautiful photos are ours for the keeping. Our photographer, Mike Williams, executed one the most important aspects of our wedding…the images speak for themselves.

As I’ve said before, photos were a top priority; they’re one of our love languages.  For the best day of our lives, we wanted the best memories.  My friends, Mike is the best.  His artistry both in taking the photos and in the post process is so incredible.  I’m not sure I have words to thank him for the gift of these photos.  What a blessing to have these images to show our kiddos one day.

The handcrafted work that went into these pictures only reflects the kind of person Mike is. We are proud to have had him take our photos, but even more so, to call him a friend.

Thanks for capturing our best day ever, Mike.

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