Wedding Flowers

Let me start this post by saying- florals are expensive.

Okay, we knew this going in. But yes, if you want fresh flowers at your wedding, be prepared to put down a nice chunk of change.  With that said, get your money’s worth! Make sure your florist delivers, literally and figuratively, and absolutely nails your vision.

We worked with Mitchell’s in Orland Park, IL.  They physically delivered the florals to all of our venues/ getting ready locations, helped transport pieces to and from the ceremony/ reception, and were available for phone calls/ meetings during the planning process.  All of this and the fact that they really executed our vision made every penny worth it.  A bonus for us? Mitchell’s worked with both of our venues many times in the past.  So, they knew about things we didn’t even think of. (Like the table width vs. appropriate size for centerpieces and the exact runner size for the church)

I really trusted Mitchell’s.  They were confident in our joint design and I never feared the outcome.

I loved our beautiful winter florals!


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