Invitation Suite


As part of our planning process, we had begun to look at inspiration for an invitation suite. Some are so unique and cool.  We had so many options and different routes we could go. At first it was overwhelming, but we really fell into a rhythm of style choices. I definitely think first impressions matter, and our invites were people’s first impressions of our wedding.  We had a very clear aesthetic we were going with for and wanted the suite to reflect that.  We didn’t really have a traditional color scheme, but we did stick to a general theme of neutrals and earth tones.  Browns and blacks, beiges and champagnes, whites, ivories, blues, and winter greens abounding.  All of these were intertwined throughout the wedding, and we wanted our invites to do the same.

While our wedding was on New Years Eve, we didn’t want the whole NYE event to take over every aspect of the wedding. (We didn’t even pull out party hats and props till like 11:45pm!)  We still wanted our invites to be ours and our style.  Less NYE confetti and clocks, and more about the atmosphere we wanted to create.  We worked with Alex A’Hearn to help us bring our ideas to fruition.  She was absolutely fantastic.  She worked with us and our picky font choices and was so prompt in drafts and phone calls to help work through questions we had.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone.

I love the way they turned out- totally us and our wedding style.  I love them.  I kept a bunch just to look at over and over again and hold in our hands.


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