Breaking in the KitchenAid


After our fantastic bridal showers, we were finally able to transfer in all of our new kitchen tools and supplies!  It was time for our hodgepodge college sets to move on and out of our lives.

I had been slightly overwhelmed and inspired my so much of our new things.  Should I make fajitas in our skillet?  Or, bake a cake for the new cake stand?  Maybe, some chili in the crock pot? We had our first snow Sunday morning, and I had the answer.  I woke up, cleaned and rearranged the living room, and then busted out the KitchenAid. A friend gave us a darling little Mason jar full of the dry ingredients for triple chocolate chip cookies.  (This made the baking process about 10x times easier and gave me time to tackle the other bajillion things on my Sunday to-do list!) *also,note to self: excellent little Christmas gift* We quickly cooked up these cookies…but, we’d be lying though if we didn’t admit to eating plenty of dough first.

As always, D and I always try and find some time for some photo taking.  We arranged the flat-lay above; I am starting to get the hang of photo styling! And even ventured out for some snowy pictures.  The whole day just felt so December, and so full.  We continued our momentum and made homemade chicken noodle soup, did some planning for the wedding, and some work for Monday prep.  As I said, so full.

I think one of my favorite parts of having all of these brand new kitchen and home blessings is remembering who they are from.  Each time we grab that hand towel, or take out a bowl, or pour a glass of wine, we remember exactly who generously supplied us with the little things that help us make our memories.

Feeling so thankful for days like this.




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