Autumn Musings

img_0531This is just a catch all list of some of my favorite things/ things to do this fall.  We have been busy, and enjoying this season.  This has been a beautiful season for its autumnal charm, but also as a season of preparing and growing.  When winter rolls around, Dillon and I will be married.  I am soaking up the days that we have as an engaged couple.  Man, it’s been a ride.  Here’s to fall!

  1. Photo taking: We have been so busy with taking pictures and flying that drone around.  We are both learning and trouble shooting and figuring out how to be creative together.  Loving it.
  2. Eat & Drink: Chili and soups, pizza, all things apple, pumpkin spice treats, and tacos, tacos, tacos. We have been hitting up our usual spots, and enjoying some new locales, too!
  3. DIY/ Decor: Bless you Hobby Lobby.  Pillows and endless textiles. Furniture rearranging and making this place straight up home for the holidays!
  4. Candles: Apple cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin pie candles burning at all times.  My other secret weapon? Simmer pots.  Toss some orange peels, apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and a bit of vanilla to simmer in some boiling water and it will forever smell like fall in our apartment!
  5. Sweaters: Need I say more?
  6. Podcasts: They are my new favorite things for my drive to and from work and my drives back and forth to Chicago.  I am always in the market for new ones, so suggestions are welcome!
  7. Bullet Journaling:  I am still keeping up with mine.  I love checking in on it during my lunch break for my fix of creativity and organization!
  8. Lulu’s:  Truly some amazing fashion finds.  I purchased a bunch of white/ivory dresses for wedding events at decent prices. The quality is excellent, and I am so excited to get some new dresses for our friends’ upcoming weddings!
  9. Styled shoots: This is definitely more of a brain-dump for myself. I have these crazy creative ideas to try styling shoots.  Not entirely sure what/where/when, but I know I have some visions in mind.  We just need some interesting venues, and models! I think we could do some for the holidays. Hmm…just maybe. Taking any and all volunteers to come and play!
  10. Wedding Planning: This has been so amazing.  I have really enjoyed the planning.  We are getting down to the nitty gritty details.  Like stamps on envelopes, and spray painting tons of table number pieces.  For real, these things are high stress, but I love it though!  It is feeling so real.  Dillon and I are starting to realize that the littlest details, though important to us, are just cherries on top.  I think it is hitting both of us that this is happening.  D and I are laughing about little things and smiling when things don’t go right. Our best day ever is on its way.  We could not be more thrilled.

Oh, Fall. You have been so good to me this season.  Grateful for all of your blessings.


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