Mood Boards and Autumn Gourds

Shamelessly, I LOVE Pinterest.  Long drive- Pinterest.  Waiting for a flight- Pinterest.  Lunch break- Pinterest.   My affection for the endless pinning stems from both the prospect of new projects/ inspiration and just darn good photos.  Call me crazy, but there is something so calming about scrolling through those gorgeous pictures.

Not so shamelessly, I confess that I make boards for events.  Autumn dinner party?  You bet I have planned out color schemes, charcuterie, outfit ideas, and a handful of pictures to inspire me to no end.  This Christmas?  I know what I am getting you, and how I am wrapping your gifts.  And our wedding?  Good grief, where do I begin?

Pinterest combines my type A-ness with my artistic creative side, and I dig it.  It is one of my favorite ways to plan.  In all my love for it though, I am sub par on my follow through.  My goals are to plan Pinterest worthy gatherings and projects, AND execute them well.  I am hoping the blog helps me out.  Ultimate longer term goals?  Plan Pinterest worthy things, and be featured on Pinterest. Yep, be one of the parties or table settings or photographs that get pinned over and over again.  This will push me to be more comfortable behind the camera and rock the blog writing even more.

Feeling super stoked and inspired lately in this little creative outlet of our blog.



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