Recent Adventures

Another weekend rolled around and we found ourselves back in Chicago.  Now, our returns are quite full with appointments, plans, and events.  This weekend, we had a high school reunion, engagement photos (about time!), and wedding DIY’s.  I have a feeling that every time we are home from now until the wedding is just going to be busy.

In so many ways, things have changed since high school.  In so many others, things really haven’t in all the best ways.  The same people made me crack up the way they did backstage at our high school musicals, or in the halls in between classes.  It felt great to be surrounded by the people we spent so much time with.  Dillon and I hustled home to make it in time, and we are so glad we did.

Saturday, we headed to the city to take some engagement photos with our super talented friend, Mark. The weather couldn’t have been better, and we found ourselves bopping around the west loop grabbing drinks and scouting sweet murals for backdrops.  It took us a while to get comfortable in front of the camera for a change, but we really enjoyed ourselves.

We have a long list of wedding to-do’s, and Dillon’s get-it-done attitude is the perfect match to get some weekend DIY projects complete.  Few hours in, and we can almost check off our welcome signs and table numbers.  Stay tuned for more projects and wedding craziness.

It is officially Fall, and I just know this season is going to be marked by preparation.  Figurative preparation for our pending marriage, and literal preparation for the wedding.  I am consciously trying to prioritize which of those is most important for us in the long run, and I think that is helping me keep my composure as we count down the days.

The goal I keep in my heart and mind is to have a marriage more beautiful than the wedding. It helps puts things in perspective…but gosh darn it, it’s going to be a gorgeous wedding 🙂

Just less than 100 days away!  I couldn’t be more excited.



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