In the Kitchen

To be completely honest, I am absolutely terrible at cooking meals for myself during the week.  When it comes to my school week, protein bars, pretzels and pasta are must have’s.  On the weekends though, I maximize my time with Chef Dillon.  We plan meals and prep together.  Lucky for me, D was home this week and we decided to make some food for the work days.  Shredded chicken tacos= staples for Dillon (Seriously, ask anyone who has ever lived with him).  I persuaded him for some bruschetta too, which I could eat just about every day of my life.

I want to really do better with my meal prep.  In my head, if I put it in writing in our blog, I am more likely to be held accountable for my goals. (<—Absolute teacher in me)  Pinning countless crock-pot recipes is only half the battle.  I actually have to follow through.  Since I am so relentlessly busy with school work during the week, my hope is to meal plan and prep each Sunday.  With fall on the way, I have been eying some chili and soup recipes.  Who knows, maybe I will be feeling really inspired and start Soup Sundays on the blog….anyone willing to join?

Since being with Dillon, he hasn’t only expanded my palate but also my desire to cook.  I still would almost always rather throw on some Netflix or read a book than try and come up with a recipe, but I believe I have come a long way from oven baked chicken tenders and cookies for breakfast.



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