Since being engaged and planning a wedding back home in Illinois, it feels like we are weekend commuters.  So many Fridays, D and I roll out of Madison and into Chicago late at night and make the return Sunday.  Most of those trips are spent in the suburbs, which don’t get us wrong, we love.  Home cooked meals and sleeping in. This last trip though we headed for the heart of the city. Surrounded by tourists, but back to the hustle and bustle we remember as high schoolers. Back then we would take the train down, walk way too far to the beach, take too many goofy photos in front of the Bean, and kill time in coffee shops. It was refreshing to be back with things to keep us busy.  Between work and the wedding, we could both be doing something at all hours of the day.  So I found myself in grabbing Wifi where I could to tackle some school items before my sisters and Dad came down.

Lucky for us, all three Dillon sisters were available the same day. So we met my Dad and restaurant hopped and shopped. I think my sisters and I know the city decently well.  But, my Dad, he is an expert.  Short cuts and cool spots, he’s got it all down.

Despite having a terrible cold, I braved the hot heat of summer and absolutely enjoyed the days we had back in the city.  We are travel bugs, and little trips totally count.  Even if it is to our home town.  Counting our blessings to live in Madison and be able to travel to Chicago so frequently.

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