Pool Days

There are a number of things I love about my summer job as a nanny. Perhaps it is the daily adventures, or spending time outside, or just laughing with the kiddos. I’ve nannied for the past seven summers or so.  While the weather is so nice, I try to spend most of our days outside drumming up some crazy idea to keep us busy (teaching them capture the flag, reading books and having picnics, nature scavenger hunts, and ultimate games of water balloon hide and seek).  But, sometimes all you need on a hot summer day is a trip to the pool.

This summer I have actually been to the pool a number of times. I’ve become a pro at packing pool bags, back up snacks, change of clothes, and pool toys. I come prepared.  I have never been one to be able to just sit and lay out in the sun. (Not to mention my Irish skin that barely gets any kind of color, but oh well!)  I need to be active in the sun. Who am I kidding, I need to be entertained.  I get way too bored and hot just sitting on a chair or towel, so games are key, even when I am not nannying.  At the beach with friends or family, it’s usually frisbee /football or people watching or castle making.

This summer has been really fantastic.  We’ve been crazy busy, and the weather has cooperated.  I am enjoying my days and trying my best not to think too much about the busy year ahead.  For now, it is trips to the pool and evening walks for ice cream.





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