Lately, I’ve been wearing neutrals.  Muted blues, grays, creams, rose, etc.  I think I am in transition with my style, but trying to be practical with all of my purchases.  I more often wear neutrals than crazy bright colors, so am I really trying to streamline my shopping.  H&M and Target are absolute go to’s (when we aren’t thrifting, of course).  I see so many bloggers and IG folks rocking capsule wardrobes.  Truly so impressed and inspired by the basics and ability to mix and match the pieces.

I totally dig my simpler outfits where I can bring in different jewelry and shoes (because I have WAY too many of both of those).  I threw the outfit above together  for a Friday night walk around Madison.  With the crazy humidity, I wanted something comfortable, but nice enough to pop into dinner if we wanted to (LOL that we both were craving Chipotle and ended up there).

Posting fashion and style posts are so new to us (not to mention posing for pics!), but we will totally get used to it.  I love having a record of some of our favorite outfits.

6 responses to “Neutrals”

  1. I love neutrals with a pop of color. Thank you for sharing

  2. I love the neutrals. So versatile and pretty! You should post some links to where your outfit is from. We look to be similar sizes!

    1. Aren’t they the best? I will update with some links, thanks for suggesting it!

  3. I love this outfit! Is that shirt from H&M? I have like six of those haha. They go with everything and are so comfortable! Great post 🙂


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