Fourth of July




This summer has just flown.  Maybe it’s wedding planning, maybe it is just the post college life.  But, the fourth just seemed to pop up this year.  We had a busy start to our summer months, and I think now we have some relaxing weekends ahead of us.  I’m hoping to crank out some more major wedding plans and get ready for the school year this fall.

The 4th tends to mark halfway for me.  Kind of a reality check of what we’ve done this summer and what we hope to do yet before the fall rolls in.  This year we had D’s brother’s wedding over the weekend, and I had planned to spend the day in Milwaukee with my friends.  Once in Thrillwaukee with my gals, we enjoyed brunch at Simple Cafe in MKE. (big stack of fluffy pancakes, thank you very much) Then spent some time relaxing at the beach before window shopping at the mall.  It was a perfect day in a town we adore.  I love getting to spend time with them.  For real, they’re the best. They are the ones that you feel like you can do just about anything with.  And when we are together, which isn’t nearly enough, we usually do!  Always exploring.  Usually taking pictures.  Daydreaming and making plans.

Next year D and I will be celebrating the Fourth of July as husband and wife!  I cannot believe it.  I know I keep saying it, but I’m so looking forward to an incredible year ahead of us.



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