Getting Crafty

Kell and I are always saying one of these weekends we are going to sit at home, relax, and make craft cocktails. Does that ever happen? Well, no. Not until last weekend.

Last weekend was Shake the Lake, Madison’s pre July 4th extravaganza. The night was filled with friends, food, live music, and an over-the-top firework display. The best part about all of this is that it took place right outside our back door.

What better way to enjoy live music than with a craft cocktail, right? With Pinterest on our side, we were destined for cocktail glory.

We started with some fresh rosemary


Turned that into a rosemary simple syrup (fancy)


Took a picture from it’s good side


The star of the show, bourbon


I don’t know if this recipe is in that book, but it looked cool anyway



Added some fresh lemon juice and ice and voila, the final product


Verdict? Delicious! Give it a try.








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