Chicago Weekend

IMG_7425IMG_7449IMG_7472IMG_7515-2Just a short couple weeks ago D and I were back home in Chicago.  Father’s Day rolled around and we found ourselves heading back home.  As much as the struggle of driving there and back so frequently is insanely grueling, summer nights with family and friends makes it that much easier.

The night was perfect.  I love nights where we grill burgers outside, and sit on the patio and eat dinner.  Literally spending hours outside. Both my sister Catherine and I were at home from our respective distances away.  All five members of my family are RARELY at home.  So I was super stoked to spend time together. (I know Dill will feel the same way when his whole family is together for For’s wedding!) We played with the drone.  D took some pictures for us. And Nelly managed to ruin a little football after like 2 throws. But look at that face.  How could you ever be mad at her?  Especially when she cuddles up next to you.

We spent the rest of the night with our closest friends. Amazing how we all can just pick up where we left off.  We end up laughing into the morning and making plans for the next time we can all be together.

Sunday we made our way back home for the week in Madison.  It is never a joyous task driving 3 hours both ways.  Sometimes it feels like a drag because the weekends end up flying by.  Mondays come out of nowhere.  And we are back to the weekly grind before we know it.  But then I look at pictures like these and remember it is worth it.  Every time.

 I also realized I refer to both Wisco and Illinois as home.  Just like I refer to my parents’s house and the Olson’s house as home. Aren’t we lucky to have so many places that feel like home?  There’s no place like it. I feel like we will forever call both home.  Chicago, Madison, and wherever else we may end up one day.



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  1. So cute! Love the dress!

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