Save the Dates


We are almost 6 months out from the wedding!  Meaning we are getting pretty close to crunch time.  Save the dates will be going out shortly, and soon we will be prepping our wedding suites to send out.  Not to mention the 12,875,239 other details that need to be taken care of by December!  But, so far so good!


For our save the date’s we decided to design something simple on our own.  We wanted it to reflect our style and NYE, as well as be really practical for our use.  So, thanks to Dill, he whipped those up on photoshop, we printed them out, and now I am just finishing addressing the envelopes! [They are not pictured here though, because we want that element of surprise for our guests 😉 ]

The Lettermate has seriously been so helpful in streamlining this process.  Keeps things consistent, and eliminates room for error. (Although, I still managed to mess quite a few up. Of course. )


Finally, we are about ready to get these in the mail and into the hands of everyone we love!  This is one of the biggest steps on our to-do list, and I am so thrilled to be able to check it off.  December is fast approaching, and I can’t wait!


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