Seven Years!

We celebrated our seventh anniversary yesterday.  Just seven short years ago, high school Dillon asked me to be his girlfriend. And the rest is history.


Lot’s of things happen to a person in seven years.  Especially from high school to post college. Wow.  We both have done so many things, and grown up so much.  Together, we made it through the crazy high school years and four and a half years of a long distance college relationship.  It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but I don’t think either of us would change a thing, because here we sit. Better than ever and planning for our wedding!

D and I have learned so much about ourselves in the past years that we are just excited to finally begin to learn how we fit in the world together.  So far, we love it. Days are good. I couldn’t be happier.

Next year, June 12th will come along.  Only, I will be celebrating with my husband!  We will have been married for just about six months by then.  Gosh.  I consider myself endlessly lucky.

Excited to spend the 12th this year with my handsome fiancé.

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