Market Day

IMG_7226This past weekend, both of our parents came up for the day!  The weather actually panned out for us, and we spent much of our day outside.  Since we are so close to the Dane County Farmers’ Market, we decided to walk around there.  As it is the beginning of June, it was the kick off for dairy month!  Complete with petting zoos, lots of cheese, and even a classic car show.

We all kept commenting on how absolutely gorgeous all of the flowers were.  So many of the vendors had tied bouquets for buying.  Full and beautiful blooms, and so inexpensive.  These wispy flowers were actually given to us by a nice woman who said she had too many!  What a win.  Thanks Dill for making me feel like a flower child and putting them in my boho braids.

IMG_7263IMG_7280It was so nice to have both of our families up for the day.  Usually, we are the ones driving back to Chicago. It was lovely to be able to stay put this time.  We grabbed drinks, bought some more flowers (peony season might be my favorite), and had dinner together in Madison.

The day after, my parents and I went to Epic to check out all of the cool buildings.  It still amazes me that Dillon gets to work there!  My mom said it best as we were walking around the halls, “It feels like Disney World”.  And it totally does.

Successful weekend with the in-laws!  We have known each other’s parents for years, so it always just feels like hanging with family.  Nothing but the best!



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