We decided to spend Memorial Day weekend back home in Chicago.  It was a great chance to relax with our families, enjoy summer time meals, and get outside.  Dillon and I have a habit of hoping for super relaxing weekends with no commitments.  But, we always end up trying to cram as much as we can.  I think the idea of doing nothing sounds great, but when it comes down to it, we really love being active do-ers, it is just our nature. So ultimately, we plan as much as we can and always try to do something new.

Friday was spent with some college friends down in Wicker Park.  Despite the rain, we rallied and had a fantastic night/morning in the city.  We made our way back to the burbs for the rest of our long weekend.  After some short relaxing, we did some wedding prep and some grilling.  We closed Saturday around a backyard fire, which just seemed so fitting.  Sunday morning we got coffee/tea and had a marriage prep meeting.  The rest of the day was ours. Dillon had talked with our friend about going to a BBQ festival in Westmont. We packed up and headed that way, where we were able to make a short video and take some photos.


After delicious BBQ, we spent time outside back at our houses before heading to a local place for a couple evening bevies.  Our day off Monday was spent  shopping, editing, hanging with family, grilling, and driving back to Mad. Even though we shoe-horned a bunch of things in this weekend, it seemed like it went by so fast.  Ahh don’t the weekends always fly?


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