Lucille opened up just over a week ago here in Madison.  The location is perfect.  Right off the square, and walking distance from our apartment.  This kind of place is totally our vibe.  Farm tables, funky booths and chairs, killer light fixtures, live music, and great food.  The windows and doors open up on both the main level and second floor.  The focus of the floor plan though, is the huge wood fire pizza oven at the far end of the bar.  All throughout dinner we kept saying how much we love this place and how it was so ‘us’.

For our dinner, we decided to grab drinks, a starter, and then split a pizza.  So, we landed on steel pan nachos followed by a wood fire margherita pizza with meatballs.  (Thanks to Dill, I am finally starting to add toppings to my pizzas…)

Everything tasted absolutely delicious, and wasn’t terribly expensive.

Just might be our new favorite spot. We will be back. Probably tomorrow.


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