Bullet Journal

While browsing Pinterest, I came across the world of bullet journaling.  It is a mix of hand lettered to-do lists, calendars, notes, correspondence, trackers, organizers, reflective journal, and catch all for life’s daily busyness.  I really liked how I could customize the pages to my working and ongoing needs, while serving as a place for me to keep an organized record of my yearly happenings.


I purchased a gridded Moleskine notebook and got to work.  It was overwhelming to establish a plan of action and design, but once I nailed down the framework I was ready to get going.  With pages to take me through the year, like savings, health tracker, books to read, etc.  I got started on monthly, weekly and daily pages.

For myself, I needed to make the entire year’s worth of weeks.  I also wanted to leave some pages each month blank so that down the road they could be utilized for what I needed.  It took me about two days of on and off work to get it all completed.  I am really happy with my plans, and am learning new things as I go to adjust for next bujo.


Most people use pens for their bullet journals, but I felt more comfortable using pencils. In the past year, I have learned that plans change. Always.  I wanted to be able to erase and adjust instead of crossing out/ whiting out previous plans.

Color was important somehow in my bujo, but I wanted a color scheme.  I didn’t want to incorporate all colors of the rainbow, rather a select few colors that I could use throughout the journal to enhance the simplistic look.  Michael’s came through with really simple colored washi tape.  I have been using these more frequently to dress up notes.


So far, my bujo is great.  It is exactly what I needed for my life organization. Perfect combination of practicality and creativity.  I am learning as I go and can’t wait for more ideas.


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