Wedding Dress Shopping

Been working hard to say yes to the dress these past few months.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to try on dress after dress, but I’ll tell ya, those stylists sure make me feel like a million bucks.  I had a fantastic stylist at Nordstrom who really made me feel comfortable and confident in all of the dresses…even if they weren’t ‘the one’.

I knew my style.  What I wanted.  What I was comfortable in.  I also knew what Dillon would want to see me in.  This all helped refine my search, but if the dream dress isn’t in the showroom, it just isn’t going to happen.  I wasn’t going to compromise my hopes just based on what stores had.  Thankfully, my Mom even suggested having the dress designed and built for me.  It was an option, but a last resort. This route would ultimately give me more of a headache.  Hoping yet, we continued to a few more appointments.

What really helped me was taking photos of myself in the dresses.  I would put it on, stare at every little detail, then forget the big picture.  When I could look at the picture both moments after and days after, I was able to see myself in those dresses.  This totally allowed me to see myself in a way that wasn’t in a mirror.  Super helpful.

April 23rd was the day I had set up for my appointment at BHLDN.  I had been waiting months to try on dresses here.  So grateful that they had a shop in Chicago, too!  I think deep down I knew they were really my style, so maybe I was holding out.  That boho-chic look that was a reflection of my personal style, as well as our wedding.  I couldn’t wait.  The entire experience from start to finish is exactly what you would hope for as a bride.  A private room, time to explore the floor and showroom, and hello, champagne.  I was set up for success early on!  My stylist was fantastic.  She made me feel so comfortable.  I ultimately tried on a wildcard dress, and knew it.  I just knew it.  That was my dress.  Once we put the veil on, that was it.  I couldn’t stop crying.


I can’t thank my family enough. Specifically my sisters (MOHs), Grandma, and my Mom.  They were honest, yet sensitive to my likes and dislikes.  I CANNOT wait to do a post gushing about all of the dress details with photos.

Couldn’t be happier to have said yes to the dress. My dream dress.

(Dill thanks for endlessly telling me how beautiful I will be no matter what.)

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