New Crib

Dillon moved into 222 almost a year ago.  Within that week he landed an incredible job, bought a car, and signed a lease on an apartment.  Impressive.  We knew I would be moving in come 2016.  What we didn’t plan for, was our move into a new apartment before this summer.  Between timing, location, price, and realizing we need more space, the search began.  Not an easy task.  Finding an affordable, updated apartment, within walking distance to our favorite bars and restaurants was next to impossible for downtown Madison.  Finally, our landlords told us they had a renovated 1 bedroom we could take a peek at.  What’s more, it was across the street! Win.  We looked and loved it.  So within a week we signed a lease and moved in.  Our landlords are incredible and worked with us big time.

D buckled down and moved all of our big items with some buddies.  As of now, I am busy decorating and rearranging.  Dillon is going to come home from business trips and things will be all changed around, and it will feel like an episode of While You Were Out.  Gotta keep it exciting.


We have tons of space, but also tons of things.  Working on being practical, but also stylistic.  It is a journey.  We can’t wait to start on our little patio.  The view may not be ideal…but burgers on the grill. Outside. We are pumped.

Stay tuned for more projects and pictures of the new digs.

One response to “New Crib”

  1. It’s turning out amazing!

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