Portland, OR – Day 3

Our final day in Portland.  How bittersweet.  We had some fun things to look forward to, but ultimately we knew we were headed home that day.  There is always a small sense of relief when you get to go home from a trip, but I could have stayed quite a few more days.  There was so much else to see.  We loved it though.  Sunday we had some plans to get coffee and tea, see the tulip fields, and take one final swing around downtown.

portland 5portland 6

We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest in Woodburn, OR.  Tulips on tulips.  The colors were incredible.  I am so glad we were able to go during the festival dates this year.  Not to mention, on a perfect spring day.

portland 7portland 8

I loved spotting Mt. Hood wherever we were in the Portland area!  Mountains. What a gift for us flat landers.

portland 9

This photo took so long to finally get!  It was such a bright day at the tulip fields, so catching the right lighting and shadowing was tough.  We had a blast running down rows and rows of tulips.

portland 33portland 34

Just a glimpse at the acres of beauty.  People were everywhere enjoying all of the flowers, so we had to venture a ways out to get some photos without any others in the background. Worth it though.  I think these were my favorite.  They were multicolored, tall, full, and completely gorgeous.

portland 35portland10

Once we exhausted our time at the Tulip fest, the rest of the day was relaxing.  We sat at a park near a lake to lay in the grass.  It was a perfect day; 80 and sunny and breezy.  We then made our way to the city to roam, and catch some footage.  (Heck yes for our first travel diary! To be posted here soon.) Finally, we headed to the airport.  After a late night dinner, we got ready for bed/  our flight, as it was the red eye. Lucky us!  Can’t say we slept at all, but can say that it all was worth it.

Portland, we’ll be back.

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