Portland, OR – Day 2

Thanks to Dill’s frequent travel for work, we were able to rent a car.  Wow did that open up the possibilities.  We were able to leave the city center and really explore some of what Oregon has to offer. After some Stumptown coffee, from the original location on the East Side, we set out for the day’s exploration. The Columbia River Gorge area was suggested to us by a few people.  We had our hearts set on Multnomah Falls, and were lucky enough to have some incredible stops along the way.

portland 2portland 3portland 4portland 19portland 20portland 21portland 22

The first falls we stopped at along the highway was Latourell Falls, pictured below.  It was tucked away off the highway, but was a short distance to hike in. A little mist was just what we needed to keep us cool as the day warmed up.

portland 23portland 24portland 25

This photo just begins to capture the Multnomah Falls’ grandeur.  So incredible to be able to see.  We stopped for lunch at the lodge at the base of the falls.  Quaint, and cute, and super crowded.  Searching for parking may have taken longer than the actual meal, but we were on vacation time.  No time was wasted, everything was a blissful adventure.

portland 26

portland 27

We ended up driving out west in the country.  I had this crazy idea to find this incredible train trestle, considered one of the oldest, still working train trestle in the country.  It goes by a few names, “The Holcomb Creek Trestle” and the “Dick Road Trestle”.  Either way, it was really cool to find just peeking through the country roads!

portland 28portland 29portland 30portland 31portland 32

Not pictured: our attempt to get into a Timbers game..No dice.  And an eventful night at 10 Barrel Brewing & Fatheads Brewery.  Pizza and brews and a rooftop deck.  That is literally all you need to keep us content.

Driving and stopping for photos is what today was all about.  No complaints. Oregon rocks.

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