Au Naturel Easter Eggs

This Easter weekend was such a productive time spent back in Illinois.  I drove home Thursday and was non stop until my drive back to Madison with D on Sunday evening.  It has been a while since I have been that busy, but I will say it was worth it.  Lots of fun things happened, and I tried a new project! Naturally dying Easter eggs.

First things first though, thank goodness for Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to dye them naturally, but wasn’t sure even where to begin.  I searched for some photos that looked like the aesthetic that I was going for.  Once I found one, from Your Homemade Mom, I read a helpful blog post that outlined my process.



Using all natural ingredients like onion skins, blueberries, and spices added to boiling water made the colors really earthy and beautiful.  I added a tablespoon of white vinegar and let the dyes cool before dropping in my hard boiled eggs.

I kept my eggs in for almost an hour each, some even over night.  This made the colors on the eggs really saturated.  They looked so pretty. Can’t wait to try again next year!



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