Kale Train


A few months ago, I hopped aboard the kale train.  For this picky eater, it was quite a leap.  But, it has allowed be to really branch out with some new snacks and meals.  I like my kale baked in olive oil for about ten minutes, then sprinkled with some parmesan.  Or I can toss it in a garlic parmesan quinoa bowl with some shredded chicken. Target actually sells small pieces of Kale that are finely chopped and neatly bagged up for you already.  Perfect for adding to quinoa bowls, making kale chips, or tossing in a green smoothie. It is so simple to prepare, and it is a feel good super food that I have come to love.  I am hoping to explore some other ways to cook this leafy green and add it to some healthy dishes.

Stay tuned for more updates as I branch out from my picking eating habits…

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