Winter Winds and Frozen Lakes

IMG_6216February has rolled right around in the blink of an eye.  Now, college is completely done for both Dillon and I (I took just a bit longer than expected!), unless of course one of us is crazy enough to jump right into grad school…stay tuned.  D has been working hard at his new job for the past six months and has been able to travel quite a few places. For now, we are settling in and enjoying what Madison has to offer, even in these chilly months.IMG_6197IMG_6223IMG_6205We find ourselves often getting cabin fever and darting to a nearby coffee shop, where inevitably we end up on blogs and read up on photography and inspiration for shoots and projects.  The next thing we know we are out on frozen Lake Monona taking pictures.  If all our weekends end up like that, I would be completely satisfied.IMG_6168IMG_6171Big puffy coats, red noses, and wind whipped hair is the norm for us here.  But I can’t say we mind terribly.  It all makes for some stellar winter photo shoots.  Maybe we will even make it up to the north woods this winter.IMG_6162IMG_6148So, cheers to winter.  Cozy nights, blistering cold, and downright gorgeous views.


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