IMG_6047I cannot tell you how excited and thrilled we are to be engaged.  We are knee deep in planning, but I have still not come down to earth yet since the day Dill proposed. I truly feel like I am on top of the world.  I am sure Beyoncé feels that way once in a while, what with her killer dance moves and banging vocals, but I think I got her beat lately.  Love Queen Bey though and her inspiration for this fun shoot in our mini studio!IMG_6097IMG_6072There is something so fancy and special about being someone’s fiancé. The word itself is fun to say, and has a sophisticated ring to it.  It is crazy but I think I feel a little different now that I am engaged.  It is a new feeling that I am loving everyday. IMG_6052IMG_5779While the planning is crazy, I am constantly reminded of what a special time this is.  Not only are we preparing for our wedding, but rather our marriage and future together.  Life. Is. Good. #cantwaittobeawifey

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