Well it’s been quite some time since we last wrote and we have much to catch up on. Work has taken off at lightning speed and boy has it been a wild ride. After finishing up a training phase that consisted of classroom time, projects, and on site visits, I have officially been staffed to a project in Chicago. A project that definitely keeps me on my toes day in and day out.

One aspect of the job that I have enjoyed very much is indeed the travel. I choose this position because of the travel opportunities and they haven’t disappointed. In just six short months, I have been fortunate enough to travel to Little Rock, Chicago, Seattle, and Charlotte.


In Seattle, I was able to spend some time exploring the city and visiting some iconic spots including the public market, the gum wall, and the first Starbucks which were all very cool. They actually decided to take down the gum wall about three weeks after I was able to get a piece of my own on it.


It was a bit ironic that after picking this job for the travel I ended up on a project back home, but Chicago has always been one of my favorite cities. I have been able to explore some great restaurants in the city and I look forward to the photography opportunities there as well. I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would like, but once things slow down I have plans to take advantage of morning runs on Lake Shore Dr and shopping on Michigan Ave.


Aside from work and travel, Kell and I have very much been enjoying Madison. Weekends have been spent visiting various coffee shops, trying new restaurants, and browsing the shops on State St. There has also been plenty to photograph in Madison and with a photography shop just down the block I have been able to get more involved with shooting film.

Kell’s final semester is in full swing and she has been enjoying her time in the classroom. After being shifted around three different time, she found her home and it is a perfect fit. We are all so lucky to have such a lovely woman educating our youth!

With both of us so busy time has been flying and in a short week we both be home enjoying Christmas. Can’t wait!


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