V Day, Free Day!

Absence makes the hard grow fonder right?  We’ve mastered the art of long distance, and have come to appreciate what it has done for us.  Days like today, Valentines Day, are tough, but luckily for us we’ve packed our day full of other things we love. For me, I slept in. I stayed in Pjs, made brunch with my girls, and really relaxed.  I have been non stop going since New Years Day between classes, licensure exams, assignments, lesson plans, work, and rehearsals…so a day like today was absolutely needed.  I finally got a moment to see all of my best friends and really catch up.  We played board games, tye-dyed shirts, swapped stories, tried out a new restaurant, and enjoyed our vino .  What a weekend!   Like I said, being away from D is never easy, but spending a day with friends sure does remind you of all the great people you have in your life.



I rode on the coat tails of my ever hip friends this weekend.  We ’embraced the whismy’ and just went with it.  Tea and muffins from Rochambo, and my friend Kait even decided to get a tattoo.  Spontaneity at its finest.  We finished our Valentines Day with Pinot Grigio and pecan pie. Absolute success. -Kell

IMG_20150214_143707182 IMG_20150214_234045093

Just a wee drive from Milwaukee, myself and the Loras boys were on a mission in Madison. We played in the President’s Cup, a rather “prestigious” weekend long indoor soccer tournament. With 99% of our team consisting of soccer alum, we were in no shape to be playing five games, but surprisingly enough we finished in the elite eight with plenty to celebrate. V__C266 (1) Most of the crew arrived Friday night for some pre-tournament festivities on State St. at State Street Brats. Although it may have been in the single digits we braved the cold for the night life. I stayed at my brother’s place which is only a few blocks from both campus and State St. so we were right in the heart of the weekend celebrations. After struggling to wake up for our games Saturday morning we managed to win both giving ourselves an automatic bid into the playoffs. Riding that bid we took to University for fishbowls at Wando’s. It was great to be able to see so many soccer alum again and spend the night out on the town. Wherever the Duhawks are they always know how to have a good time, and this weekend was no exception. Along with being able to go out, it was also great to be back on the field with some guys that I haven’t played with in three years. Despite our lack of fitness and time away from soccer, we had a blast and even had some success on the field. It’s always a bummer not being able to spend weekends with Kell, especially ones like Valentine’s day, but being with the Loras crew was the only other way I would have had it.We will be making it up with a two week late Valentine’s Day sure to be spent trying new restaurants and adventuring in Milwaukee. -D

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