Notebook Love

7I2B70287I2B70327I2B70347I2B5491Willing to admit that I have a notebook problem.  Anyone else like me? Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved little notebooks, journals, and planners.  To be honest, I was never the journaling type though.  I could plan my days in fill up my calendar with to-do lists like no other. But, I never sat down to journal what I was feeling or what was on my mind…until recently.

I started bullet journaling in the past year and a half and at first it was great because it was so organized and I was in complete control of the design/layout, which I loved.  What I realized is that it quickly became a place where I would write down our travel memories, funny things that happened over the weekend, and even the bad days.  Much to my surprise, I enjoyed it.

I’m excited that it has turned into that for me, I am looking forward to going back through at the end of the year and reading through.

So, I wanted to round up my favorite notebooks and their purposes for anyone out there looking for something new!

  1. Paper Source– I bought the floral calendar/planner pictured above from here to be my lesson planner for school.  I write out my full lessons on the computer, but like to see big picture of months and weeks to help me organize my units and due dates. I also got the black and gold dotted notebook for my curriculum notes.  I will be attending conferences throughout the year and wanted a place to jot some quick ideas.
  2. Moleskine– This has been my consistent grab for my bullet journal.  I get the classic size in simple black with a grid (love me those straight lines).  I use this one for daily journaling, as well as a place for our marriage journal and any creative ideas that we have.
  3. Blessed Is She– My new favorite.  I have been working to be more intentional with my faith.  I found an incredible community that supports women of faith not only with sisterhood, but with some great products.  I recently received the planner that is full of prayers, saint’s days, and scripture verses.  This will help put faith at the forefront of my mind.

Those are my lifesavers.  They keep me sane, and it helps that they are darn gorgeous to look at.

Happy Friday, friends!


5 responses to “Notebook Love”

  1. Oh my gosh! It looks like one of the notebooks in your picture is from Rifle paper company (I have one from there) and the black one with gold dots I just bought too! We are notebook twins! I have a whole shelf of blank notebooks that I don’t even have plans for … they just make me happy!

    1. Notebook twins! Yay! They make me happy too, and that should just be enough. Let the collection continue! 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the bullet journal but I know that (like most things) I’ll really struggle to stick at it! It would give me an excuse to buy a new notebook though? 😁

    1. I love it so much! Amazingly, I have really stuck with it. It has definitely changed, but loving what it has become!

  3. I’ve always been this way, too! I love just strolling down the school supplies aisle. Ahh… Se refreshing. Good post!


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