Apartment DIY’s

D and I are all about home projects.  We are endlessly pinning ideas, and trying new things.  So I wanted to try a project to recycle some pieces and reflect our changing styles without breaking the bank.

Lately, I have been digging the neutrals.  Browns, blacks, greens, whites, etc.  Earthy tones. I think this is all stemming from our wedding vibe that we are going for.  Seems to be permeating our lives, fashion, style, design, etc.  But the tones are calming and relaxing, so I’m not complaining.

With this in mind, I thought about some DIY ideas. The plan: updated canvases and a new rug.  The projects took about 40 minutes to complete, and a few hours to dry fully. I am an impatient creator.  Sure, I am all about the process, but I want the pretty product immediately!  The struggle.  So, this one wasn’t too terrible.  We were able to put the rug out that day, which was great.

I decided to take an old rug that I had folded on a shelf and give it new life.  I took a bright multi-colored rug and flipped that puppy over.  After some shaking and vacuuming, we were ready to paint.  Yes, was it crazy to flip a perfectly colored rug over and paint all over it? Sure. But, the way I see it, we now have 2 rugs 😉 I wanted to do a simple ‘t’ pattern in black paint.  Free handing made this all the more simple and more relaxed like our style.  I took magazine pages to mark out each section.  With black fabric paint, I just went to town with the pattern.  After letting it dry for a few hours, we set it up in the living room!

The other project I wanted to do was a canvas project.  Dillon’s Mom found some old maps at a thrift store and thought we could find some fun use for them.  So, I decided to revamp some blank canvases.  Simply covering the canvas in a map of our choice, and taping the back down.  We chose to 2 map/ canvas pieces.  Colorado and Oregon were the winning maps for this project. (We just love the dang west and those mountains.)

Boom. Just like that, we have some sweet new decor.

Stay tuned, I always have home decor ideas up my sleeves!




2 responses to “Apartment DIY’s”

  1. Hannah Wilson Avatar
    Hannah Wilson

    love the maps dude

    1. Thanks girl. We have plenty, so watch out! I may have to bring some over to ya.

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